Joshua Jensen-Nagle

Joshua Jensen-Nagle





조슈아 젠슨-내글은 10년이 넘는 기간 동안 감성을 자극하는 대형 사진으로 시청자를 사로잡았습니다. 몽환적인 해변, 광활한 스키장, 낭만적인 유럽 풍경, 드라마틱한 고풍스러운 인테리어로 잘 알려진 젠슨-내글의 먼 곳 사진에는 향수를 불러일으키는 강한 감성이 담겨 있습니다. 


“My work explores the use of photography as a medium to create rather than to document a reality, allowing the viewer to bring their own associations to the images. In my early work, I experimented with expired SX-70 Polaroid film, photographic prints painted, placed in glass jars, dunked in fish-tanks of coloured water and re-photographed, sometimes behind a shower of glitter or a room filled with smoke.  As of more recent years, I shoot with the latest digital technology, focusing on the materials selected for printing, mounting and framing to achieve the same dream-like quality I have become known for.  The work has naturally progressed to showcase a more modern perspective, while maintaining a unique nostalgic essence.”


Joshua bases his successful full-time art practice in Toronto where everything is produced in his west-end studio. Having mounted over fifty exhibitions in the last twelve years, he has developed a strong standing in the art world and is collected widely throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

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